Special Events Permit

If you are hosting an event with vendors, and/or a for-profit event, you will also need a Special Events Business Licence as the organizer.  Write “Special Event” under Business Description.

  1. Completed Special Events Permit application
  2. Permit fee
    $150 plus tax for non-profit events
    $300 plus tax for commercial events
    Proof of insurance
  3. Site layout and route map for walks and runs (if applicable)
  4. Copy of event brochure, advertising material and event website (if applicable)

Special Event Permit

Please provide the above documents by mail or in person to:

West Vancouver Special Events
2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC  V7V 4A7
(West Vancouver Community Centre, 3rd Floor)


All vendors at your event  must have:

  • A West Vancouver Business Licence: all vendors need a West Vancouver Business Licence and should indicate on the licence application that they are applying for a Peddler’s Licence, valid in West Vancouver at one or more events during the calendar year. They can indicate “Peddler’s Licence” under Business Description.
  • Temporary Food Service Application for food vendors. This is a Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) requirement and needs to be submitted by the event coordinator or food service provider to the VCH health office a minimum of 14 days before the event.

Non-profit organizations are exempt from the business licence fee, but still need to submit a completed VCH Temporary Food Service Application and West Vancouver Business Licence Application. Indicate the charitable number in the Business Description and indicate the purpose of the licence is for food vending at a special event.

* Please provide copies of the above food vendor documentation to the address above after receiving event approval.


Special Events Policy

Municipal Alcohol Policy

Fees & Charges Bylaw Section 17

Streetlight Banner Policy


Rachelle McCormack
Cultural Services Supervisor