Ambleside Youth Centre

The Ambleside Youth Centre is closed for repairs until further notice.

All programs have been moved to either the West Vancouver Community Centre or Gleneagles Community Centre. Please visit for the program schedule.

A cool drop-in program for youth in grades 8 to 12 to hang out, watch movies, play pool, showcase musical talent or get in on one of the fabulous food nights!

Experienced youth outreach workers are available to provide individual and small group support, resources and referrals, and priority response for youth experiencing difficulties or who wish to improve their overall well-being.


Learn more about the many spaces inside the Ambleside Youth Centre!

For a video tour of this facility, please visit the Ambleside Youth Centre Facilities page.

Ambleside Youth Centre Facilities


Ambleside Youth Centre
1018 Pound Road
West Vancouver BC


Wednesday 3-6 p.m.

Thursday 3-8 p.m.

Friday, Saturday 3-10 p.m.


  • wifi
  • TV/movies
  • video games
  • stereo
  • computer
  • board games
  • guitars
  • pool tables
  • lounge area
  • quiet area for homework and meetings
  • performance area with stage for bands and other live performance
  • concession stand/snacks
  • covered patio/outdoor areas
  • barbecue