West Van Teenz Bus it!

It’s your playground—explore it by bus! Learn more about the pros of travelling by bus.

Get friendly tips around bus etiquette, learn how to get and use your Compass Card, and find handy apps and resources designed to help you plan your next trip!

Benefits of taking the bus

What’s not to love! There seem to be a number of misconceptions around taking the bus, so we’re here to share all the things your peers love about bussing it!

  • I’m the master of my own schedule!
  • I don’t need to always rely on my parents or friends for rides.
  • I can go places with a bigger group, without being limited by the number of people that fit into my parents’ or my car.
  • I can do my part in reducing car traffic emissions in my community.
  • The Compass Card allows me to go anywhere, anytime without worrying about carrying around change.
  • I can catch up on reading or connect with friends while en-route to wherever I’m going.
  • I can listen to podcasts that I typically don’t have time to listen to.
  • I can simply enjoy the ride and scenery.
  • I can read a book, or catch up on current events
  • I can get a head-start on my homework!
  • Thanks to the HOV lane, taking the bus is a great alternative to driving my car into Vancouver—I save time, and don’t need to worry about finding, or paying for parking—it’s a win-win!
Bus etiquette

In case you’ve ever wondered if there is such a thing as ‘bus etiquette’, we thought we’d share these with you! As a courtesy to your fellow transit passengers, please:

  • Keep doorways clear. Stand back and allow passengers to exit before boarding buses and trains. On the Sky Train, if you prevent doors from closing, you could cause the entire train to\ shut down service!
  • Leave the courtesy seats for those who need them, unless you really need one yourself. The seats closest to the doors are reserved for people with disabilities or older travellers.
  • Keep the volume down on your personal communications device, whether it’s a cell phone or an iPod.
  • Don’t eat while you’re on transit. It can be dangerous if you’re holding a scalding hot drink and food smells are amplified in small close quarters.
  • Put down backpacks, luggage, grocery bags & laptops. Large bags can become dangerous for those around you if you’re unsteady and start swaying.
  • Walk left. Stand right. This is an internationally-accepted common courtesy when using an escalator. Just like driving, stay on your right unless you’re passing.
  • Have your Compass Card ready!
  • When departing, a friendly smile and a thank you are always appreciated!
Compass Card

As of September 1, 2016, it is easier for teens to receive concession transit fares in Metro Vancouver. All youth 14 to 18 years old are eligible for concession fares with valid photo identification.

A GoCard decal on student IDs is no longer required! Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • a valid school identification card issued by any secondary school which displays the student’s photograph, name, school and validation by a school official; or
  • a picture identification issued by any national, provincial or state government agency showing age or date of birth.

The Compass Card is a reloadable fare card that works everywhere on transit in Metro Vancouver. It’s convenient, easy to use, safe and secure.

You can load your fare onto one card, reload online, and tap your way across the system. Find out how to get your Compass Card at translink.ca/compasscard, and start riding today!

Using your Compass Card is super easy! Simply tap in when entering the bus—buses are tap-in only, so there is no need to tap out when exiting.

Compass Card

Resources & Apps

Trip Planner Note: TransLink Trip Planner is currently unavailable. Google Trip Planner is available.

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Navigating public transit with accessibility needs is easier when you know what to expect. TransLink has a number of programs to ensure our transit system remains as accessible as possible for everyone.

Accessing public transit

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Trip Planner Note: TransLink Trip Planner is currently unavailable. Google Trip Planner is available.

TransLink Service Changes

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