2022 Student Video Contest: Every Drop Counts

For the 2022 Student Video Contest, the District challenged students to submit videos about the importance of every-day actions in conservation our high-quality drinking water.

Over 40 students registered to participate and 20 videos by individuals and groups were entered in the contest.

Thank you to everyone who participated and sent in videos!

The videos were very creative and did a great job showing the importance of conserving water all year long.

Watch the top 10 videos

New this year, the panel of judges awarded prizes for top-10 videos.

1st place ($250): 
Emaryllia Gafur of Caulfeild Elementary School (Grade 3)
Watch the video

2nd place ($200):
Natalia Kurzecki of Caulfeild Elementary School (Grade 5)
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3rd place ($150):
Karina and Hannah Hrynchuk of Wescot Elementary School (Grade 5 and Kindergarten)
Watch the video

4th place ($100):
Amitis Iranmanesh of Sentinel Secondary School (Grade 10)
Watch the video

5th place ($50):
Ignacio Contreras Aylas of Wescot Elementary School (Grade 1)
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6th place ($50):
Alston and Alaina Li of Ecole Cedardale (Grade 3 and Kindergarten)
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7th place ($50):
Gemma Draper of Gleneagles Elementary School (Grade 2)
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8th place ($50):
Aijia and Aiqi Zhou of Ridgeview Elementary School (Grade 2) and Pauline Johnson Elementary School (Kindergarten)
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9th place ($50):
Maral Selin Imren of Ecole Cedardale (Grade 4)
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10th place ($50):
Emma Kim of Wescot Elementary School (Grade 7)
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Fun facts
  • Almost half of our drinking water comes from right here in West Vancouver—Eagle Lake and Montizambert Creek can supply up to 45% of the District’s total water demand.
  • Eagle Lake Water Treatment Facility is capable of processing 21 million litres of water each day to the residents of West Vancouver. This is the equivalent of filling the pool at the West Vancouver Community Centre 15 times.
  • Our tap water exceeds guidelines for Canadian drinking water quality.
  • West Vancouver’s water is metered—when you use less, you pay less.
  • Our water use doubles in the summer largely due to lawn watering, power-washing, and other outdoor use.
  • Conserving water helps keep our environment healthy, reduces stress on our water system, and saves money.