Youth Appreciation Awards

West Vancouver’s Youth Appreciation Awards take place each year during BC Youth Week (May 1-7).

They are designed to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements and dedication of youth and youth groups who have made a significant contribution to their local or global community and who show initiative, enthusiasm, commitment and a positive attitude.

The Youth Appreciation Awards recognize young people in the categories of Youth Recognition, Youth Community Enhancement and Outstanding Youth Team.

We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 Youth Appreciation Awards. Please check out the tabs below for more information on the award categories, nomination criteria and the selection process.

Applications are now closed. We look forward to seeing your applications next year.

Award Categories


The Youth Recognition Award recognizes individual youth who have made noteworthy achievements or who have achieved considerable progress in a particular endeavour, thus exhibiting the ability and commitment for personal change and growth.


The Youth Community Enhancement Award recognizes individual youth who have made a voluntary contribution to their community that resulted in a positive change or made a lasting impact, such as developing a project, serving on a committee, or participating in other volunteer work with an organization and/or group. All nominees must demonstrate a minimum contribution of 75 hours of school or community service work between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.


The Outstanding Youth Team Award recognizes a group of youth who have completed a minimum of 50 hours per youth of service, resulting in enhanced programs and/or services for their school or their local or global community between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. If any individual youth in a group has not completed 50 hours of service, the individual does not qualify for the award. It is the Nominator’s responsibility to confirm that each individual youth in a group has completed 50 hours of service.

Note: If you are nominating a group for the Outstanding Youth Team Award, you will be asked to provide the name and contact information of the main contact person for this group. If the group is selected for an award, we will only contact the main contact person with the award ceremony details. This main contact person is the one who will be responsible for providing the award ceremony details to the selected group of youth. 

Nomination Criteria
  1. Nominations must be received by the application deadline. There will be no extension on the nomination deadline.
  2. The nominator must not be related to an individual nominee, but may be related to one or more members of a group nominee.
  3. The nominee does not have to live in the District of West Vancouver as long as the activities which are being acknowledged occurred in the District of West Vancouver.
  4. If the nominee is a District of West Vancouver resident, the activities which are being acknowledged can occur in another community.
  5. The eligible age for nominees is 13-18 years.
Selection Process
  1. Once all the nomination forms are received by the deadline, they will be reviewed by District of West Vancouver staff.
  2. The selected nominees will be contacted by phone and/or email, detailing their expected attendance at the Youth Appreciation Awards ceremony.
  3. The nominators will also be contacted by phone and/or email, detailing their requested attendance at the Youth Appreciation Awards ceremony.
  4. A youth may receive an award in more than one category in any one year. In this case, separate nomination forms must be submitted for each category.
  5. Certificates shall be presented to the recipients at the Youth Appreciation Awards ceremony.
  6. Information about the awards presented, including the names and photos of the award recipients, may be published on the District of West Vancouver’s website. Award recipients will be provided with a Personal Information Disclosure Consent form for their consideration.
2018 winners

Youth Recognition

  • Adello Berenjian
  • Ellie Willock
  • Francesca Senoner
  • Grace Bell
  • Jiajia (Luna) Wang
  • Allegra Nesbitt-Jerman
  • Amir Kashanipour
  • Cody Tran
  • Mackenzie (Mac) Walsh
  • Teagan Hartwick
  • Hakeem Shivji
  • Mollie Jepsen
  • Sabella Aundraya
  • Jazmyn Reimer
  • Jewel Minoose
  • Roshan Rahmani

Youth Community Enhancement

  • Alina Ramji
  • Rong Mei (Carrie) Zhou
  • Isaiah Anthony
  • Jack Birch
  • Kayleigh Kinloch
  • Lillian Huang
  • Marla Rinck
  • Rebecca Davey
  • Paige Leonard
  • Shivani Mehta
  • Ta'Kaiya Blaney
  • Ruokun (Tommy) Niu
  • Xinran (Cindy) Ren
  • Yuheng Wang
  • Zahra Shahriyari Afshar
  • Augustin Wright
  • Liana Gerber
  • Kris Suri

Sentinel Boys Club

  • David Zou
  • Justin Tjhin
  • Zachary Jeangrand
  • Diego Palafox Lerma
  • Vanzan Mecl
  • Luigi Vasquez

Bytes Coding

  • Oscar Zhang
  • George Chen
  • Zakir Jiwani
  • Leon Zhou
  • Caden Simmons

Senior Round Square

  • Eve Parry
  • Gabrielle Bourgault Kennaley
  • Maryam Jafari-Amjad
  • Melissa Balun
  • Caitlin Gordon

Hungry for Change

  • Olivia Bosa
  • Jaimie Chrystal
  • Megan Mauro

Youth Philanthropy Council

  • Quillan O’Neill  
  • Taydon Sinopoli  
  • Anna Edmonds  
  • Lillian Huang   
  • Andre Zou   
  • Alison Shang   
  • Pegah Abyaneh  
  • Isha Ohri

Youth Train in Trades Team

  • Ethan Brommeland
  • Maxwell Chambers
  • Graham Christensen
  • Bryan Hajas
  • Tavish McKay
  • Logan Neufeld
  • Marcus Overholt
  • Ethan Parenteau
  • Jerret Raymond
  • Maximillian Shearon
  • Carsen Teasdale
  • Willem Young
  • Ken Dungca

Create Change Club

  • Liliana Belluk Orlikow
  • Celina Manji
  • Alisha Muljiani
  • Kasra Saddad
  • Nicole Lee

West Vancouver Streamkeepers

  • Alice Kang
  • Fumika Noguchi

Global Nomads Team

  • Pegah Abyaneh
  • Matthew Chasmar
  • Rachael Deng
  • Cole Rajani
  • Marla Rinck
  • Jarick Vance
  • Kiana Nariman
  • Xiaoting (Sam) Ye

Student Work & Advisory Team

  • Miranda Chen
  • Armaan Gill  
  • Bowen Huang  
  • Oliver Huang  
  • Amber Tao   
  • Biaggio Vanden Heever
  • Brianna Wang   
  • Tank Wang
  • Grace Martin-Wirta   
  • Chris Xu  
  • David Zou

Pink is for Christmas

  • Gabrielle Bourgault Kennaley
  • Emily Bourgault Kennaley

Changemakers Club

  • Ellie Mitchell
  • Sahra Rajani
  • Elissa Caetano
  • Khayali Dhanji
  • Shyree Mehta

Club 360

  • Anna Edmonds
  • Charlotte Goetting
  • Natasha Kearns
  • Nicole Lee
  • Bronwen Campbell
  • Meridy Meikle
  • Liliana Belluk Orlikow
  • Ingrid White

Bee Keeping Initiative

  • Anna Edmonds
  • Charlotte Goetting
  • Natasha Kearns
  • Nicole Lee
  • Bronwen Campbell
  • Meridy Meikle
  • Liliana Belluk Orlikow
  • Ingrid White

Human Rights Club

  • Marla Rinck
  • Charlotte Goetting
  • Sayeed Mavani
  • Claire Stewart
  • Cole Rajani
  • Jarick Vance
  • Ingrid White
  • Meridy Meikle
  • Charlotte Armstrong
  • Anna Edmonds

Lions Gate Hospital Youth Advisory

  • Natalie Hanna
  • Ingrid White

Scholars Cup Team

  • Irene Zhang
  • Henry Spencer

Middle School Service Action Council

  • Nestor Deza
  • Katerina Georgi
  • Sadaf Ghanbari Miandoab
  • Zia Janmohamed
  • Adelyn Lee
  • Lucy LePoidevin
  • Angela Li
  • Gabi Novak
  • Isabelle Riedijk
  • Tessa Rinck
  • Alyza Samji
  • Setareh Setayesh
  • Devon Seybold

SpeakUp Team

  • Leona Li
  • Isabel von Borstel
  • Alyssa Ukani
  • Ahna Noormohamed
  • Sadaf Ghanbari Miandoab

Vision Rescue Foundation

  • Yikang (Ken) Yang
  • Xiaoting (Sam) Ye
  • Chloe Costa
  • Elaine He
  • Yuheng Wang
  • Kiara Liu
  • Stephen Liao
  • Jingyi Mao
  • Madeline Campeau
  • Angela Chen
  • Grace Wang
  • Kasra Saddad
  • Andrew Zhang
  • Lucas Wong

Senior Service Action Council

  • Anna Edmonds
  • Sayeed Mavani
  • Andrew Horner
  • Nicole Lee
  • Bronwen Campbell
  • Marla Rinck
  • Sormeh Motevalli
  • Natasha Kearns
  • Lillian Huang
  • Liliana Belluk Orlikow
  • Jisang You
  • Ethan Lippman
  • Caroline Sinclair
  • Celina Manji

Youth Red Cross Club

  • Zahra Shahriyari Afshar
  • Shelly Han
  • Shima Jandaghi Alaei
  • Inaya Alibhai
  • Ghazal Sokhanran
  • Bahar Ahmadi
  • Parmis Malboubi
  • Daanyaal Patni

SAC's Weekend Volunteers

  • Porawee Wongprasithiporn
  • Areeya Techanitisawad

Hollyburn Sailing Club Race Team

  • Phillip Rojkov
  • Tom Sluyter
  • Tomas Harmer
  • Ben Maga
  • Isaac Mitchell
  • Graham Maude

Whatever Youth Committee

  • Sydney Dawson
  • Mackenzie Walsh
  • Katya Morin
  • Isabella Sacristan 
  • James Daniels-Heald
  • Carwyn Thomas

Youth Advisory Committee

  • Muneet Gill
  • Yun Ting (Joanna) Zhuang
  • Junaid Sunderji  
  • Daniel Shirvani  
  • Renee Qin  
  • Amir Kashanipour   
  • Ly Vu
  • Ethan Lippman   
  • Ben Janzen
  • Irene Zhang   
  • Grace Wang  
  • James Ting
  • Chu Yun (Amy) Yu
  • Rosie Li


Melanie Clark
Youth Services Program Coordinator