Cigarette Butt Bin Pilot

A 4 section garbage bit with a spot for cigarette butts, paper, containers, and landfill garbage. Each section has its own colour - grey, yellow, blue, and black.

Council directed staff to implement this pilot initiative as part of the District’s ongoing initiatives to reduce cigarette litter. 

Council Report | October 4, 2021

Council Presentation | October 4, 2021

In 2022, cigarette butt disposal bins were installed in Ambleside and Horseshoe Bay as a pilot program. The bins were attached to existing streetside recycling bins in locations that comply with the District’s Smoking Regulation Bylaw and have been observed by staff to be high-smoking areas.

Bin location map

The pilot program allowed staff to test the effectiveness of cigarette butt bins in reducing cigarette butt litter, understand the resource requirements of the program, and identify potential challenges in scaling the program.

Council Report | June 5, 2023

The District will continue to maintain and monitor the six pilot bins and consider expanding the program strategically where smoking is allowed as needed.

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