Traffic bulletin

Projects by the District of West Vancouver and partner agencies:

There are no current traffic advisories.

Current Projects

Across the District

No impact : Pilot project to ease traffic congestion


Low impact : Intermittent traffic restrictions


Medium impact : Intermittent single-lane traffic

Medium impact : Intermittent single-lane traffic

Low impact : Traffic calming


Low impact : Pedestrian improvements


Planning phase : Guidelines for a cohesive and unified street

Eagle Harbour

Horseshoe Bay

Planning phase : Streetscape revitalization and Spirit Trail

Skilift Road area

Low impact : Intermittent closures and delays

Traffic impacts legend

Major impact: full road closure or lane closure on main roads

Medium impact: lane closure on local roads

Low impact: little effect on traffic or pedestrians

No impact: does not impact traffic or pedestrians

Planning phase: traffic impacts are to be determined

Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Protection Project

A water diversion pipe will run from above the Upper Levels Highway to Burrard Inlet, improving the flow of stormwater in the Westmount and Altamont neighbourhoods.

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