Queens Avenue road and sidewalk improvement project

In 2018, the District identified Queens Avenue, between 15th and 19th Streets, as an area that was in need of road and sidewalk improvements. Construction of these improvements is scheduled to begin in July/August 2019.


Road and sidewalk improvements on this protion of Queens Avenue (between 15th and 19th Streets) is Phase 3 of improvements in the Queens corridor.

Previous improvements were completed on Queens Avenue between 19th and 21st Streets (Phase 1) in 2014, and on Queens Avenue betweeen 21st and 22nd Streets (Phase 2) in 2015.


The following improvements are included in the scope of this project:

  • new road surfacing 
  • new concrete sidewalks on the north side of Queens Avenue with landscape restoration
  • new curb and gutter installation
  • bus stop upgrades to improve accessibility
  • storm water management and drainage improvements

Existing paved and gravel parking areas adjacent to Queens Avenue on the south side will be maintained.

Trimming and removal of existing vegetation will be necessary in some locations.

Additional project upgrades in this area include:

  • new left-turn lane on 15th Street northbound to access Queens Avenue
  • pedestrian improvements at the intersection of 15th Street and Queens Avenue


The construction is planned to start in late July/early August, and expected to take at least four weeks depending on weather conditions.


Pre-construction survey and road layout work will be occurring on Queens Avenue throughout July. Expect survey crews on site. Minor traffic delays may occur.

Traffic delays are to be expected while construction is in progress.

Queens Avenue will be open to local traffic.

Details and updates on construction timelines and traffic impacts will be on this webpage and the traffic bulletin.


Gurinder Jaswal
Transportation Design Engineer