The District of West Vancouver values all members of its diverse community and strives to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of ability.

The District is committed to supporting the full participation of persons with disabilities by establishing and maintaining inclusive services, programs, and infrastructure, and by identifying, removing, and preventing barriers. By creating a welcoming environment, we ensure all people can safely and fairly access District spaces, programs, employment opportunities, and services, and fully enjoy West Vancouver.

Accessibility Plan

The District of West Vancouver, the West Vancouver Memorial Library, and the West Vancouver Police Department have partnered to develop an Accessibility Plan. Learn how we are working to identify, remove, and prevent different types of barriers for people with disabilities, to make the District a more inclusive, welcoming, and accessible community for all individuals. 

Accessibility Plan 2023–2026


Help us improve

It is important to know and understand the barriers within West Vancouver. We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can provide feedback on the barriers you have experienced in several ways:

  1. Accessibility Feedback Form
  2. Email 
  3. Phone: 604-921-2173
  4. In person with Front Desk staff at Municipal Hall or other District facilities.


Accessibility Policy

The District of West Vancouver is committed to implementing, maintaining, and enhancing accessibility for all by demonstrating a leadership role in meeting the needs of all community members for whom accessibility is a concern.

Accessibility Policy

Accessibility in Public Facilities and Spaces

The District of West Vancouver has taken steps toward making all its facilities accessible to people of differing abilities.

Recreation Programs

Our specialized programs give you or your family member or friend opportunities to recreate. We have a special swim time that lets you enjoy the freedom of the water. The pool is equipped with lift/swing systems, adjustable beds, and a pool cart for use in our wheelchair-accessible change rooms. Ask at the front desk of the West Vancouver Community Centre.

Karate is a great form of exercise for anyone, including kids with physical disabilities. We offer a course for children aged seven years and older, and another for youth 13 years and older, that focuses on mental discipline, adaptability, self-defense, and strength from accomplishment. For youth, we offer a social skills program for youth with development disabilities, adapted yoga that focuses on pain management issues and improving strength and flexibility.

For adults, we offer courses in karate, therapeutic yoga, and arthrocize (water exercise). We have special exercise and movement programs for people who have had joint replacements and heart issues, and for people who have osteoporosis.

More information here.