Watercourse Protection

Creeks and streams are an important part of our coastal environment. They carry rain and melted snow to the ocean, and provide important habitat for fish.

A maze of underground storm drains carry rain and melting snow as it runs off roofs, driveways, roads and other hard surfaces. Along the way, it picks up pet waste, oil, fertilizers, pesticides and other pollutants. These substances are harmful, and if they enter drains and catch basins, they end up in our waterways and eventually the ocean.


You may notice that many West Vancouver streets are lined with open, unpaved ditches. These ditches help slow water down as it drains off roads and adjacent properties, reducing creek flows and erosion. Open ditches also give pollutants a chance to settle out before reaching creeks and the ocean.


Many properties in West Vancouver border on streams, and owners are required to obtain an Environmental Development permit before doing any work within 15 metres of the top of a stream. 

Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup

Shoreline cleanups take place any time of year—anywhere that land connects with water, including creeks, streams, rivers, oceans and even storm drains. Every cleanup makes a positive impact on shorelines, whether you have a team of a few people or a few hundred. 

Everything you need to know about leading your own cleanup is available through Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup. We will provide gloves, bags, and litter-collection tools for your cleanup.

Responsible Pool and Hot Tub Drainage

Water from swimming pools, hot tubs, or other chlorinated water should be drained into the District’s sanitary sewer system. 

Responsible Pool and Hot Tub Drainage