Property Taxes

Property Tax Payment due July 2, 2024

Your property taxes are an important source of funds required for the District to continue providing essential services. Approximately 50% of your tax bill is collected by the District and remitted to other taxing authorities. The District is required to remit these funds by August 1 even if they have not been collected.

Late Payments

A late payment penalty of five percent will be applied to any unpaid current taxes on July 2, 2024.  An additional five percent penalty will be applied to all outstanding current taxes on September 2, 2024.

How to pay your taxes

It's easy to pay your taxes from home. Whether you bank online or by phone, or mail a cheque, there are lots of ways you can safely pay your property taxes.

Home Owner Grant (Province of BC)

Municipalities no longer accept retroactive or current year Home Owner Grant applications. Apply via the provincial website and ensure you have the roll number located at the top of your tax notice and your SIN (social insurance number).

Annual Property Tax Sale

Properties with three years of unpaid taxes as of the last Monday in September will be offered for public auction with the starting bid being the upset price.

Property Tax Deferment

Deferring property taxes ensures the District has access to funds required to maintain services, while property owners make the payment later. Under this program, the Province pays property taxes on behalf of eligible owners, who then pay it back.

Speculation and Vacancy Tax

The Speculation and Vacancy Tax (SVT) is an annual tax based on how owners use residential properties in areas in BC. The declaration and collection of this tax is administered directly by the Province of BC.

School Tax

School tax is one of the services you are charged for on your annual property tax notice. The tax isn't based on whether you or your family use the public or private school system.

Permissive Tax Exemptions

Council considers Permissive Tax Exemptions for non-profit organizations that contribute to the well-being of District residents and makes improvements to their quality of life.

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