Lawn Watering Regulations

Stage 1 Residential Regulations

Stage 1 seasonal watering regulations are in effect from May 1 to October 15. Watering is allowed during certain times:

Residential Lawns 

Even-numbered addresses on Saturdays
Odd-numbered addresses on Sundays

  • Automatic watering: 5–7 a.m.
  • Manual watering: 6–9 a.m. 

Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers

  • Sprinklers:  5–9 a.m., any day
  • Hand watering, soaker hose, or drip irrigation: anytime

Vegetable Gardens

  • anytime

Non-Residential Lawn Watering Regulations

Stage 1 non-residential watering is allowed during certain times:

Even-numbered addresses on Mondays
Odd-numbered addresses on Tuesdays

  • Automatic watering: 4–6 a.m.
  • Manual watering: 6–9 a.m. 
  • Watering trees, shrubs and flowers is permitted any day from 4–9 a.m. if using a sprinkler, or any time if hand-watering or using drip irrigation. All hoses must have an automatic shut-off device. 
  • Edible plants are exempt from regulations. 

In cases of mixed zoning, where commercial or industrial components are included on the same property as residential, the property is designated as “Non‐Residential.”

More information on Metro Vancouver's Drinking Water Conservation Plan

Sprinkler Permits

Seasonal lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect from May 1 to October 15 annually. To water lawns outside of permitted regular sprinkling hours, a special lawn sprinkling permit is required.

Lawn sprinkling permits are approved only for newly seeded or turfed lawns, or to allow extra lawn irrigation during nematode application for pest management. Please note, nematode treatment will be most effective if applied in the third and fourth week of July.