Traffic Calming

Traffic calming measures are used to enhance the livability of residential neighbourhoods discouraging speeding and reducing conflicts among road users.

The District receives approximately 50 requests a year for traffic calming. It is not uncommon to receive contradictory concerns about a single road. One resident may request speed bumps to slow drivers down, while another finds speed humps problematic. If all the requests were approved and implemented, the costs could exceed $1,000,000.

At the March 4, 2024 Council Meeting, Council endorsed Traffic Calming Policy 0157, which clarifies where traffic calming measures are supported and establishes a fair and consistent process to evaluate and prioritize traffic calming requests and implementation.

Traffic Calming Policy

Traffic Calming Request Process

Residents are welcome to submit traffic calming requests year-round. Staff will plan traffic calming projects in the spring for construction in the fall.

Traffic Calming Request Process

Traffic calming is only considered on local roads and collector roads within school or playground zones with more than 50% of owner approval. If you would like to request traffic calming, please first review the road classification map to confirm your requested location is eligible for traffic calming and complete the traffic calming request form and petition.

Road Classification Map

Traffic Calming Request Form

Common traffic calming measures

Other Road Safety Programs

The District employs a variety of strategies and programs to keep streets safe. Other road safety programs are available if your local street does not meet the requirements for traffic calming.