Leaks in your water system mean you're paying for water you don't use. Your water meter measures it all, even water that slips away.

As a responsible property owner, it’s a good idea to monitor your normal water use so you can recognize unusually high water use that might suggest leaks.

How to Monitor Your Water Consumption:

  • Check your water usage on your utility statement as soon as you receive a quarterly bill. To receive your bill electronically instead of by mail, sign up using MyDistrict.
  • Track usage monthly and watch your water consumptions trends online using MyDistrict.

Unusually high water use could be the result of a leak. However, sometimes these increases can also be explained by a specific activity, such as:

  • Irrigation system was turned on
  • Swimming pool was filled
  • Power washer was used
  • Hose was left on

Other times it is the result of a slow leak, a sudden indoor leak or a sudden outdoor leak.

For more information on Water Meters and Leaks:

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