Heritage Conservation

West Vancouver’s heritage—as found in our buildings, landscapes, trees and special sites—provides clues to the history and defines the character of our community.

The District has policies and programs in place that recognize and encourage the protection and enhancement of West Vancouver’s natural, built, and cultural heritage.

Community Heritage Awards

The Community Awards program honours dedicated community members in five award categories, including heritage. 

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Community Heritage Register

The Community Heritage Register is a list of properties or resources that are formally recognized as having heritage value.

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Heritage Revitalization Agreement

A Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) is a conservation tool that can be used protect a heritage building or property. An HRA is a legally binding agreement negotiated between the municipality and an owner of a heritage property. 

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Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area

Lower Caulfeild is a designated Heritage Conservation Area. If you own property within these boundaries, you will need an alteration permit for any work.

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Municipally Designated Heritage Properties

A municipally designated heritage property is protected by a bylaw so that it cannot be altered or destroyed. 

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