Get to School Safely

We work with West Vancouver Schools, West Vancouver Police, and ICBC to improve transportation and safety near schools.

In West Vancouver school zones, traffic calming such as traffic circles, speed bumps, signage, and one-way drop-off/pick-up zones help to organize traffic and slow cars down. Sidewalks and crosswalks near schools create safer spaces for pedestrians to walk.

A joint School Traffic Advisory Round Table (START) meets regularly to review challenges to traffic safety and movement around schools and to recommend improvements to engineering, education, and enforcement.

While infrastructure improvements are important, we also need participation from parents and the school community to help make improvements as effective as possible.

Whether you're headed to school or just trying to get where you're going:

  • Plan Ahead
    Give yourself more time to travel than you have over the summer.
  • Slow Down 
    Obey 30 km/hr speed limits in school and playground zones.
  • Pay Attention 
    Set aside distractions and respect and follow directions of any flag persons on your route. They direct traffic to keep everyone safe.

Heading to school?

  • Walk, Ride, or Roll 
    Fewer cars in the school area reduce traffic, so avoid driving if you can walk instead. Students who choose active transportation are more likely to meet their daily requirements for physical activity.
  • Drive 2 Five 
    If you can't walk or roll all the way to school, try parking 5 minutes away and walk with your child. After school, meet them at school and walk back to the car together. A walk is a great time to connect with your child and can lead to better concentration in class.
  • "Pick-up and drop-off only" means No Parking 
    These spots are intended for your child to quickly and safely exit or enter your car. Please park somewhere else if you plan to linger.
  • Do Your Homework 
    Consider a practice trip to school before your first day.