Single-Use Items

The District is currently supporting local businesses in understanding and adapting to anticipated provincial and federal regulatory changes for single-use items.

Specifically, we are sponsoring a free Zero-waste Coaching for Small Businesses program in partnership with the District and City of North Vancouver and Ocean Ambassadors Canada (OAC) that includes ongoing support on how to reduce single-use items, how to improve recycling and compost practices, as well as other zero-waste tips and tricks.

To register for the Zero-waste Coaching for Small Businesses program, email [email protected].

For more information, visit the Ocean Ambassadors Canada website.


In response to Council’s strategic objective to reduce community and corporate waste, including the reduction of single-use items, the District started developing a Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy.

Report to Council presented on September 9, 2019 (PDF)

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, consultation and development of a Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy for West Vancouver have been temporarily suspended. For more information about the consultation process, please visit:

Both federal and provincial governments are developing regulations to reduce the distribution and use of single-use items. To avoid creating additional complexity for local businesses, the District is deferring local regulation until provincial and federal regulations have been finalized. The District is currently advancing its single-use item reduction objectives by supporting the provincial regulations and local businesses in understanding and adapting to anticipated regulatory changes. 

Report to Council presented on May 30, 2022 (PDF)

You will find more information about single-use item reduction, including provincial and federal regulations, examples of local single-use item reduction initiatives, and resources for residents and businesses in the sections below.