School Safety Assessment Program

In 2022, the District of West Vancouver School Safety Assessment Program was implemented. It is an annual program to assess safety concerns in school zones and to develop a prioritized list of recommended actions. The District has taken this approach so that all school issues are prioritized comprehensively and fairly.

Each fall, the District’s Engineering Department, West Vancouver school principals, Parent Advisory Committees (PAC), West Vancouver Police (WVPD), and the West Vancouver Bylaws Department coordinate to complete on-site visits at all schools to learn about driving, walking, and biking challenges.

Issues raised during these site visits are categorized into three categories:

  • Quick fix: issues that can be easily addressed with minimal resources, such as installing new signage or painting crosswalks.
  • Coordination: issues that require cooperation and coordination between schools, parents, and the District, such as changing school schedules or modifying pick-up/drop-off procedures. 
  • Long-term: issues that involve major changes to the road network, such as constructing new sidewalks or bike lanes.

After analysis is completed, action item reports are completed for each school and priorities are set. Annual action plans are then implemented, or resource requests are brought forward to Council in the yearly budget process.

Through a collaborative effort between schools, the community, and the District, we are working to implement measures to reduce congestion, improve safety, and create a safer environment for our students.