Clean Shoreline Community

The District joined the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in 2018 and officially became one of the first municipalities in Canada to be designated a Clean Shoreline Community.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a non-profit organization that is one of the largest conservation programs in Canada, focused on engaging citizens to protect their waterways.

West Vancouver citizens have a long history of stewardship of our parks and waterways. Our waterfront deserves the same care and protection. The District's partnership with Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is meant to strengthen environmental stewardship by building community awareness about keeping our beaches clean.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Clean Shoreline Community Cleanups

In celebration of earth, the District held its second official Clean Shoreline Community cleanup event at Whytecliff Park on April 27, 2019. This year, 38 volunteers collected two truckloads of garbage weighing over 500 pounds from Cliff Cove Beach. Once again, there was a lot of Styrofoam, tires, rope and other odds and ends.

On April 22, 2018 (Earth Day) the District held its first official Clean Shoreline Community cleanup event at Whytecliff Park. A group of 20 volunteers collected 27 bags of garbage weighing almost 500 lbs from Cliff Cove Beach. The litter they removed included a lot of styrofoam, some tires, a yoga mat, a patio furniture mattress and miscellaneous rope and plastic sheeting.

Lead a Cleanup

Shoreline cleanups take place any time of year—anywhere that land connects with water, including creeks, streams, rivers, oceans and even storm drains. Every cleanup makes a positive impact on shorelines, whether you have a team of a few people or a few hundred.

Everything you need to know about leading your own cleanup is available through Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. We will provide gloves, bags and litter-collection tools for your event.