Social Media Commenting Guidelines

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We are dedicated to making our social media channels a safe and inclusive space for all West Vancouverites, where you can stay informed about topics and events affecting our municipality. 

Our social media channels include X, Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Each of these platforms has its own community guidelines and policies, which we encourage you to review in addition to our terms of use. 

Rules of conduct for engaging with us on social media 

By contacting or contributing to a District of West Vancouver social media account, you agree to the following terms of use. 

We reserve the right to hide or remove any posts or comments which: 

  • contain personal information; 
  • violate an individual’s privacy; 
  • are inaccurate; are off-topic; 
  • are misleading; are threatening; 
  • are offensive; 
  • contain inappropriate conversations or dialogue; 
  • contain external links; 
  • are hateful and/or defamatory; 
  • or are otherwise objectionable. 

Breach of conduct 

We reserve the right to block users who repeatedly violate our rules of conduct from further activity on our social media channels. 

We reserve the right to hide or remove posts we deem inappropriate. If repeated posts of the above nature are made by any individual, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block that person from further activity on our page. 

It is at the District of West Vancouver's sole discretion which content is objectionable.

Social media accounts

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