Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add another driveway to my lot?

Each lot is permitted only one driveway access. If you wish to change the location of the driveway, you will need to submit a plan to Land Development complete with dimensions and grading. Any driveway must comply with the Driveway Grading Criteria, the Boulevard Bylaw, and the Zoning Bylaw.

How wide can I make my driveway?

Driveway access is permitted to be 4.5m wide off a roadway. We permit 6.5m off a lane

Do I need a permit to resurface my driveway?

In most cases, no. If you are altering the grade, width or location, you will require permission

Can I add a parking space on my boulevard?

One parallel parking pad is permitted per lot as long as there is no sidewalk, or ditch that would be impacted. You will need to submit a plan for review and approval. Size restrictions apply.

Can I close up the ditch in front of my property?

No, as per the Watercourse Protection Bylaw, ditches can not be filled in.

Can I build a fence or retaining wall in the boulevard?

No, fences and retaining walls must be built within your own property. The only exception is retaining walls are required for a driveway. Permit required.

Can I build a fence over a right of way?

No, you can place fence posts on either side of the right of way with a removable panel between, but no fence posts can be on the right of way. Learn more about Rights of Way

I don’t have a storm connection, how can I apply for one?

Contact Land Development, we can assist with payment and arranging District crews to install one to the property line.

Where is my storm/sanitary or water connection?

Please visit WestMap, the District's mapping system. 

Can I place lights at the edge of the driveway or walkway?

Any lighting must be 3m back from the edge of the road. The boulevard is there for utilities and we don’t want to damage your lighting if we need to dig in the area.

Can I place a camera on the address post which is on the boulevard?

One pillar or address post is permitted 2m back from the edge of the road. Maximum width 0.6m. You may place a camera as long as it’s under 1.2m off the ground. 

Can I pave the back lane in asphalt rather than keep existing gravel?

No, you can’t pave the section behind your home in asphalt if the remaining lane is gravel.  Please contact our Roads Department if you want to discuss paving the full lane.

Can I install sprinkler heads within the boulevard?

Sprinkler heads must be located 3m back from the edge of the road. The boulevard is there for utilities and we don’t want to damage your sprinkler system if we need to dig in the area.

Can I install heating coils under my driveway on the boulevard?

Heating coils can be installed in the boulevard 3m back from the edge of the road and on a separate circuit. The District is not responsible if we damage them if we need to dig up a utility

People keep parking in my boulevard, can I place large rocks to deter them?

Parking in the boulevard is permitted within the Parking Bylaw regulations. Rocks must be at least 2m from the edge of the road and under 0.6m in height. You can plant low planting.