Happy Nowruz from West Vancouver Mayor and Council

Happy Nowruz!

This is the time that marks the beginning of spring and the season of renewal as we look ahead with optimism.

It is also a time of connection and family as we reflect on the current situation in Iran, knowing that so many people are facing challenges and uncertainty about friends and relatives.

West Vancouver is a unique community, and it is time to come together and support each other. Unified, we can develop a community that promotes strength and resiliency. It is the many diverse cultures and languages in West Vancouver that create a sense of vibrancy, and we are stronger because of it.

Adding to that vibrancy is the upcoming Nowruz Fire Festival at Ambleside Park, an Iranian tradition that symbolizes good health and luck for the coming year.

We all contribute in different ways to help build on the foundations of West Vancouver and make it a great place to live. We look forward to working with you on the important projects and initiatives of the future that will continue to make this an inclusive and welcoming community. 

On behalf of Council and myself, we wish you peace, health, happiness, and safety for your loved ones.


Mark Sager