Board of Variance

A local government that has adopted a zoning bylaw must establish one or more Boards of Variance (BOV). A person may apply to the BOV for a minor variance if they feel compliance with the bylaw would cause them a hardship. In a municipality, a BOV will consist of three or five persons, depending upon the population size of the municipality. Each member is appointed for a three-year term by the municipal council but members of an Advisory Planning Commission or an officer or employee of the local government are prohibited from being appointed to a BOV.

The BOV may grant a variance if they have considered the following factors and are of the opinion that the variance does not: result in inappropriate development of the site; adversely affect the natural environment; substantially affect the use and enjoyment of the adjacent land; vary the permitted uses and densities or defeat the intent of the bylaw. The BOV focuses primarily on hardship relating to matters such as siting, dimensions and size of buildings. They cannot conflict with other matters such as Land Title Act covenants, permits or land use contracts or floodplain bylaw specifications.

BOV hearings must be open to the public.

More information is available on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Board of Variance web page.

2019 Application Deadlines and Hearing Schedule

To view application documents and written submissions or enquire about Hearing procedures or results, contact Legislative Services at 604-925-7004.

To view plans, permit and variance information, contact Permits and Inspections at 604-925-7242.

How to write to the Board of Variance

Representations regarding the requested variances may be made, and written submissions presented, to the Board of Variance at scheduled hearings. Prior to the hearing, written submissions may be:

  • mailed to the Board of Variance, District of West Vancouver, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC  V7V 3T3;
  • sent to the Board of Variance at [email protected]; or
  • delivered to Legislative Services at the municipal hall.

Please provide written submissions no later than 3 p.m. on the same day as the Hearing to ensure their availability to the Board for the Hearing. Technical issues may affect receipt of electronic submissions; persons relying on this means of transmittal do so at their own risk.

Written submissions received for the Hearing will be included in the public information package for the Board’s consideration and for the public record.


Minutes of Board of Variance Hearings are available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department at Municipal Hall. Minutes of the current year's Hearings, as well as the previous year, are posted here for convenience.


Amyn Bhayani, Ian Davis, Lesel Radage, Sonja Sanguinetti, and Dave Simmons.

Council Representative


Staff Liaisons

Pascal Cuk, Board Secretary


Terry YeeBuilding Inspector



Application 19-001 (2222 Lawson Avenue) - Not Approved
Application 19-002 (6236 Summit Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-003 (2320 Chairlift Close) - Not Approved
Application 19-004 (5290 Gulf Place) - Not Approved
Application 19-005 (6445 Madrona Crescent) - Approved
Application 19-006 (1640 Haywood Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-007 (2220 Haywood Avenue) - Not approved
Application 19-008 (4270 Rockridge Place) - Approved
Application 19-009 (2993 Burfield Place) - Approved
Application 19-010 (2997 Burfield Place) - Approved
Application 19-011 (3003 Burfield Place) - Approved
Application 19-012 (928 Groveland Road) - Approved
Application 19-013 (1488 Jefferson Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-014 (1083 Duchess Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-015 (2755 Rosebery Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-016 (425 Westholme Road) - Approved
Application 19-017 (3603 Marine Drive) - Approved
Application 19-018 (2723 Chelsea Court) - Approved
Application 19-019 (5967 Marine Drive) - Approved
Application 19-020 (1455 Chippendale Road) - Not approved
Application 19-021 (6458 Bruce Street) - Approved
Application 19-022 (5950 Condor Place) - Approved
Application 19-023 (2256 Jefferson Avenue) - Not approved
Application 19-024 (2350 Bellevue Avenue) - Not approved
Application 19-025 (5205 Gulf Place) - Approved
Application 19-026 (2680 Lawson Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-027 (5830 Eagle Island) - Approved
Application 19-028 (5019 Howe Sound Lane) - Approved
Application 19-029 (2547 Ottawa Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-030 (266 Stevens Drive) - Not approved
Application 19-031 (266 Stevens Drive) - Not approved
Application 19-032 (2739 Highview Place) - Withdrawn
Application 19-033 (102 Glenmore Drive) - Not approved
Application 19-034 (6955 Isleview Road) - Approved
Application 19-035 (2643 Bellevue Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-036 (2970 Park Lane) - Approved
Application 19-037 (6458 Bruce Street) - Approved
Application 19-038 (5663 Eagle Harbour Road) - Approved
Application 19-039 (6525 Madrona Crescent) - Approved
Application 19-040 (3984 Bayridge Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-041 (2882 Bellevue Avenue) - Approved
Application 19-042 (2185 Gisby Street) - Approved
Application 19-043 (266 Stevens Drive) - Approved


Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Time: 5 p.m.
Location: Municipal Hall Council Chamber, 750 17th Street


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