West Vancouver Municipal Hall's Succession


Succession is a new work of public art, and reveals the evolutionary cycle of the 
community as illustrated by the successive changes at the Municipal Hall site. 
Conceptually, the artwork is based on the idea of biological succession, which is the 
process an ecological environment undergoes following a disturbance or 
colonization of a new habitat.

When a habitat and soil have been disturbed, the first plants to appear are those 
that have adapted to survive in adverse conditions. These put nutrients into the soil 
and initiate a nurturing environment for successive plant colonies to thrive. Over 
time, a complex ecological habitat evolves.
Municipal Hall functions as the community epicentre signaling the transformation 
of this community

Artist: : Illarion Gallant
Location: West Vancouver West Vancouver Municipal Hall, 750 17th St, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3T3

Artist Intro

Illarion Gallant has been a practicing professional artist since 1988. He has 
successfully completed many large-scale, site-specific, outdoor urban sculpture 
pieces. His work, which is highly symbolic, references the connectivity between 
evolution and the interaction of urban fabric, contemporary landscape and the human 
passage through the resultant synthesis. Gallant’s work is in Toronto, Calgary and