Framework for Evaluating Community Proposals

New or improved community assets bring vitality, health, culture and physical activity into the lives of our residents, but also result in operational, ongoing maintenance and asset replacement costs for taxpayers. You are welcome to approach the District of West Vancouver with proposals to build new community assets or upgrade or enhance existing assets and associated services. To help identify criteria and process for community proposals and financial contributions, we have created the Framework for Evaluating Community Group Proposals for New, Upgraded or Enhanced Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment.

View Framework for Evaluating Community Proposals (PDF)

Phases to Advance Community Proposals for Projects

By following these steps, West Vancouver residents can be assured that community assets support sport, recreation, cultural, environmental and/or social activities, thereby providing for the physical, cultural, mental and social well-being of the community.

  1. Concept  community group submits a letter of proposal to Council
  2. Business Plan Preparation  community group prepares a business plan with details of project costs
  3. Council Consideration  staff provide a report for Council which contains a detailed overview and articulates the proposal
  4. Public Consultation  seek input on the proposal from residents
  5. Funding – community group(s) are responsible for fundraising and obtaining all necessary funds and/or secured pledges within an agreed-upon time period
  6. Project Construction – staff and the community group form a collaborative project management team to execute the project

View the framework document above for detailed descriptions of each phase.