Regular Council Meeting

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Regular Council Meeting

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Municipal Hall Council Chamber and via electronic communication facilities

Regular Council meeting held in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber and via electronic communication facilities.

Council meetings and public hearings are live-streamed on our website at

Participate online (via Webex) or in person (by attending Municipal Hall).

If you wish to present to Council, please consider submitting your comments to [email protected].

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Password: westvan
Number: 2495 168 8953

  • Delegation - Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society, regarding Howe Sound Community Forums 2022 & Beyond: Information presentation.
  • Ocean Ambassadors Canada, regarding PickUp3 Program: Information presentation.
  • Proposed 2022-2026 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 5185, 2022, Amendment Bylaw 5219, 2022 and Proposed Phase 2 Capital Funding Report: Consideration of three readings and funding approval.
  • Climate Action Strategy Overview: Consideration of approval.
  • Proposed Projects under the Environmental Reserve Fund: Consideration of approval.
  • Ebike Incentive Pilot Initiative: Consideration of approval.
  • 2022 Community Grants Recommendations: Arts, Culture & Heritage and Community & Social Services Grants – Round 2: Consideration of approval.
  • Proposed Solid Waste Utility Bylaw 4740, 2012, Amendment Bylaw 5220, 2022 (Recycling in Parks): Consideration of three readings.
  • Proposed Amendments to Arts Facilities Advisory Committee Terms of Reference: Consideration of approval.
  • Proposed: General Council Committees Policy 0144; and General Council Committees Procedure 0145: Consideration of approval.