Building permits - additional forms and documents

To find the types of permits required for building or renovating a property and learn about the application process, visit the Building Permits & Inspections page.

Registered Owner's Authorization Form

Declaration of Insurance Coverage for Registered Professionals (DWV Schedule C)

Request to Cancel Permit Form

Change of Depositor Information for Damage Deposit Form

Building: Single Family

Single Family Dwelling and Duplex Permit Application and Checklist

Single Family and Duplex Zones: Summary of Zoning Regulations

Step Code / Passive House Checklist

Design Verification Report

 BC Energy Compliance Reports for Part 9 Buildings

Summary of Zoning Variances (this document is only required for Building Permit Applications that need to be reviewed by the Board of Variance)

Building: Commercial & Multi-Family

Commercial and Multi-Family Building Permit Application and Checklist

Major Projects Checklist

Commercial and Multi-Family Building Code and Zoning Summary Sheet

BC Building Code Checklist (2018)

Commercial Tenant Improvement Building Code Summary Sheet

Fire Safety Plan Commercial and Multi-Family Projects

Development Cost Charges Form (New Buildings & Additions)

Owner's Acknowledgement for Part 3 Buildings

Energy Design Report for Part 3 Buildings

Design Verification Report BCBC Part 10 Verification

Design Intent Letter BCBC Part 10 Verification

Commercial Tenant Improvement Inspections

Commercial and Multi-Family Final Building Inspection Document Checklist

Note: Effective January 1, 2018 the Fire Department fees will be changing.

The cost per plan review is the greater of $150 or 0.075 per cent of work associated with the building permit.

The fee will be due and payable at the time of the building permit issuance.


Alternative Solutions

Alternative Solutions Information Bulletin

Alternative Solution Application Form

Alternative Solution Letter of Professional Certification of Compliance


Building Code

BC Building Code

BC Energy Step Code


Demolition & Excavation

Demolition Permit Application

Demolition Material Recycling and Disposal Report (Statutory Declaration)

Fire Safety Plan (Required for Demolition & Construction Sites)


Hazardous Materials 

Hazmat Information Bulletin

Confirmation of Commitment Letter 

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation Checklist

Mechanical Ventilation Checklist (for Permits Applied for before January 1, 2015)


Insurance Declaration Form

Declaration of Insurance Coverage for Registered Professionals



Drainage Requirements


Stormwater Management Plan Submission

Stormwater Management Plan Submission Guidelines


Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan


Interface Fire Safety Guidelines

High-Risk Work During Extreme Fire Danger Ratings


Climatic Data Table

Climatic Data Table