Sign Permits

If you plan to put up a sign to advertise your business, or alter an existing sign, you’ll need a permit. You need a business licence before you can apply for a sign permit.

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Sign Bylaw to understand what is and is not permitted. If it’s not mentioned in the bylaw, it’s not permitted.

To apply, you’ll need to provide a completed application form and include the following:

  • exact wording proposed
  • a scale drawing showing:
    • size of sign (height & width)
    • dimension of lettering (height & width), depth
    • sign colors and materials
    • width and height of store facade
  • location of sign on building and method of attachment (for new canopies and awnings additional drawings)
  • West Vancouver Business Licence


Sign Permit Application Form

Sign Bylaw

Temporary Sign Permit Application Form (for non-profit organizations)


New conforming sign: $125
Change existing conforming sign: $80

Guidelines for permitted signs

Facia Signs
Awnings & Suspended Signs
Freestanding, Projecting & Signs on Exterior Wall Projections

Types of signs that are not permitted

  • sandwich boards
  • temporary freestanding signs
  • second storey facia, awning and canopy signs
  • banners, balloons and bunting
  • inflatable devices
  • revolving, animated, flashing or moving signs


Questions about sign permits? Contact us. 



Federal election signs

The District does not issue sign permits or take in deposits for Provincial and Federal election signs.

Election signs are only permitted on public boulevards that are located directly adjacent to roadways. The following restrictions apply to election signs placed on public boulevards:

  • if placed in front of a private residence, the permission of the owner of the residence is required
  • cannot be placed across any street or public thoroughfare
  • cannot be placed on any bridge or overpass structure
  • cannot be placed on or over any curb, sidewalk, post, pole, or hydrant
  • cannot be placed on any traffic control device
  • cannot be placed on any street, place or location sign
  • cannot be placed in any District owned or maintained tree well

The following guidelines govern the general placement of election signs. Election signs cannot be placed:

  • in a location that may create a safety hazard for pedestrians or vehicles
  • where they will obstruct or impact visibility or impede or interfere with vehicle or pedestrian traffic
  • in municipal parks including on any tree, post, pole, building, structure or thing in or on any park
  • in or in  front of District flower or shrub beds
  • on utility poles
  • in any other location as to interfere with or cause confusion with the movement of traffic
  • in contravention of Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure requirements