Fire Inspection Guidelines

Our Responsibility as the Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner

In British Columbia, the authority for Fire Services comes under the Fire Services Act [RSBC1996] Chapter 144, which requires that every municipal council must provide for a regular system of inspections of hotels and public buildings within the municipality.

DWV Fire Prevention Officers are your Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner and are responsible for carrying out the prescribed inspections and enforcement of the British Columbia Fire Code.

Your Responsibility as an Owner or Owner’s Authorized Agent

As building owners and commercial tenants, you have a responsibility to fulfill certain requirements under the B.C. Fire Code. Making sure buildings are free from fire hazards isn't just common sense - it's the law.

B.C. Fire Code

Responsibility – Division C – Part 2, Article

Unless otherwise specified, the owner or the owner’s authorized agent shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this code.

Records – Division C – Part 2, Article

Where this Code requires that tests, inspections, maintenance, or operational procedures be performed on a fire safety system, records

shall be made and the original or a copy shall be retained at the premises for examination by the authority having jurisdiction.


The Fire Services Act also identifies the owner, occupier, or person in charge as the person responsible for complying with any orders given by the Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner. If in the course of an inspection, a deficiency is noted, a correction notice will be given to the responsible person outlining the infraction. The responsible person will be given a timeline as to when they must have all deficiencies corrected.  

Failure to correct deficiencies may result in:

  • An order being issued and a fine imposed on the building owner.
  • An order being issued through the Office of the Fire Commissioner’s Office.
  • Legal action taken against the building owner or occupant.

Persons guilty of an infraction of the Fire Services Act, or the British Columbia Fire Code are liable to the penalties and/or conditions defined in those


B.C. Fire Code Regulation

Orders: –

Section 2 (2) – The fire commissioner and local assistants are designated as the persons responsible for the enforcement of the British

Columbia Fire Code.

Section 4 (1) – After inspecting a building or facility under section 3, the fire commissioner or a local assistant may issue a written order

directing the owner or occupier of the building or facility to bring it, within a reasonable time to be specified in the order, into compliance

with the British Columbia Fire Code

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