E-bike Share Pilot Program

In summer 2021 the District voted to join the North Shore e-bike share pilot, granting Lime a permit to operate an e-bike share program for a two-year pilot period.
The e-bike share was introduced in North Vancouver in 2021 and has been popular among riders with initial data collection indicating that short trips were the most common—the median trip length was 1.6 kilometres or nine minutes long.
As this is a pilot program, Lime Grove locations may be adjusted as we learn more about how they are used. You are encouraged to reach out with observations regarding the use of the groves, and we will take those into consideration as the pilot program progresses.
For enquiries regarding any aspect of Lime’s service please contact the Lime 24/7 Customer Support Team: [email protected] or 1-888-546-3345.
For enquiries regarding Lime Grove placement and overall program feedback please contact the District of West Vancouver E-Bike Share Team: [email protected]