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Ambleside Town Centre Streetscape Standards

Ambleside Town Centre Streetscape Standards

Improvements to the commercial area of Ambleside are underway as part of the Ambleside Town Centre Streetscape Standards project. 

The District has a cohesive and unified framework for ongoing and long-term development of public areas within Ambleside Town Centre, including improved sidewalks, crosswalks, trees and vegetation, lighting, and public art opportunities.

These improvements will enhance the livability of the area for residents, visitors, and local businesses. The work will be coordinated through capital programs, community growth, and development opportunities over the long-term.

The Streetscape Standards were approved by Council in 2013 and included public engagement and input from the local business community, the Design Review Committee, and the Advisory Committee on Disabilities Issues.

The District is currently focusing on the area near 14th Street and Marine Drive. The improvements include larger corners, called bump-outs, that provide an expanded and safer area for pedestrians.

This work is scheduled to be completed by mid-January 2021. Expect intermittent westbound curb lane delays along Marine Drive at 14th Street and occasional closures of 14th Street between Marine Drive and Clyde Avenue until the project is completed.

Benefits of corner bump-outs

  • provide more space for people walking on the sidewalk
  • make the area safer for pedestrians by shortening the crosswalks
  • create a visual effect that influences people to drive more slowly
  • provide additional space for vegetation, seating, and public artwork, where appropriate
  • bump-outs that are already in place outside Fresh St. Market, on Marine Drive between 16th and 17th Streets, as part of this framework, have been a positive addition to the block 

Additional benefits of bus bump-outs

  • provide more space for bus shelters and waiting areas for transit users. Currently, bus stops are located on the sidewalk
  • eliminate the need for buses to re-enter traffic and can save an estimated 15 to 30 seconds per stop for transit users. The delay to vehicle traffic is estimated to be the equivalent of time it takes to parallel park a car
  • improve wheelchair accessibility, allowing for buses to deploy wheelchair ramps

The bump-outs on the north side of Marine Drive and 14th Street are being funded by TransLink because Marine Drive is a designated corridor in the Major Road Network. The bump-outs across the street, around the 1300-block of Marine Drive and Bellevue Avenue, were funded through development.  

In addition to the bump-outs, the streetscape work also includes new, wider sidewalks, curb let-downs to improve wheelchair accessibility, and additional vegetation.

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Dustin Bergstrom
Roads Superintendent